Sharing emotions. Transmitting messages. That’s what music should do, according to Lany Recordings. The music that’s released on Maxim Lany’s imprint is all about understanding eachother without having to say a word. It’s about communicating in a universal language: the language of music. Deep and sensual music with a timeless attitude.

Lany Recordings has been a solid stable for many of the scene’s biggest stars. Think Kolombo, Tube & Berger, Larse, San Soda or Ante Perry.

The label is happy and proud to be able to work with young and local talents, alongside some of the oldest friends. It’s exactly this unique mix of experience and rashness that has brought the label to where it stands today.

The craftsmanship of both the artist and the label owner, Maxim Lany, who team up to handpick the best tracks and form the perfect EP, is the foundation on which the label has been built.